Serious Learning with a Smile...

Specialty Tutoring has been helping children overcome learning difficulties since 1999. 

We strive to provide the very best one-on-one, specialized and affordable services available. Our learning specialists understand each child’s unique challenges, and they are trained to recognize and address the underlying reasons for these struggles. Using programs proven to be effective, we seek to turn a child’s frustration into a triumphant grin.

Our goal is to enhance a child’s ability and motivation to learn.  We do this through interactive and personalized tutoring.  Our most important product is the child’s renewed belief in his or her ability to succeed.  We take our work very seriously, and sincerely appreciate being a part of each child’s (and each family’s) journey. 

Text Box: We are a not for profit learning center serving northeastern Indiana.
Our Mission Statement:  
Specialty Tutoring is dedicated to improving the lives of children with learning difficulties by using a professional staff and research-based, individualized programs that are accessible and affordable to the community.

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Text Box: Each child 
comes with 
a unique set of 
one on one 
with a child 
is similar 
to a  
jigsaw puzzle 
in progress. 
 And what a joy 
   to watch the child 
the thrill of 
“putting in 
the last piece” 
when a skill 
is finally 
 and a SMILE.

We’ve added the

SOAR program: Time management and organization for Middle & High School students! See the OPTIONS page for info... then call to enroll!

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Specialty Tutoring is proud and excited to be a partner in the 21st Century Community Learning Center, offering after-school services to students at the Fairfield Boys & Girl Club!